Vital Care of Southeast Texas


Vital Care of Southeast Texas provides a wide array of home infusion therapies that are prepared under the direction of our licensed pharmacists.  A dedicated team of Infusion Pharmacists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Accredited and trusted.  Vital Care of Southeast Texas Infusion Pharmacy is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care.

Manage your medical conditiions where it's most comfortable and convenient for you - at home.  Vital Care of Southeast Texas infusion pharmacy team brings advanced technology and high quality of care to you.  It's a safe, effective and convenient alternative to inpatient care.  Vital Care of Southeast Texas will provide you with all your IV needs.  We also off a full line of Enteral Supplies such as feeding formulas, feeding pumps, bags and poles.

Infusion Pharmacy at Home is designed for patients who have conditions, including:

    *  Infections
    *  Cancer-related pain
    *  Gastroinestinal diseases or disorders, such as Crohn's disease or esophageal cancer, that result in nutritional-related problems
    *  Congestive heart failure
    *  Dehydration

Our licensed pharmacy provides:

    *  Antibiotics
    *  Antiemetics
    *  Immune Globulin (ie. IVIG)
    *  Pain Management Drugs (PCA)
    *  Nutritional Support (TPN, Enteral)
    *  Infusion Pumps and Supplies
    *  Infusion Therapy Management
    *  Specialty Injectables
Last Updated: 2/21/2015