About Us

McMakin Pharmacy specializes in drug compounding. In addition to an on-site pharmacist with extensive training in the specialized techniques required, our support network includes Ph.D. chemists and pharmacists to research the feasibility and stability of new formulations.

Customized medications to meet the unique needs of patients
Every physician has patients who don't respond to traditional treatment or have unique medical circumstances.

Sometimes these special needs can be met through drug compounding to create customized medications that are not available commercially or are better tolerated by the patient.

Benefits achieved through compounding include:
  • Optimal dosage preparation
  • Change in delivery system
  • Targeting of drug specific site
  • Elimination of dyes, flavors, fragarances, etc.
  • Creation of commercially unavailable products

Due to the special products, chemicals and equipment required, compounding is not available in most pharmacies.
Last Updated: 2/21/2015